About Me

Julie Holburn

You are tired of trying so hard and not seeing any change and tired of not understanding what's happening in your own body. I will help you better understand the effects of PTSD. You will gain knowledge and learn what’s happening in your body and mind. I will help you end the emotional pain and distress.

I became a therapist because I know what it’s like to suffer and I have experienced how life changing therapy can be. I have always been passionate about helping others find hope and healing in their own lives. I am an LPCC and I have a Master’s degree in Counseling from Denver Seminary.

Difficult things happen. It's not your fault. I can help you find balance and a sense of calm in your life. You do not have to believe everything you’ve been told about your worth. I can help you look inward and find resources and help you see how strong you really are.

It might feel dark now, but "the crack is where the light gets in." -Richard Cohen

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