You've been feeling anxious, depressed, maybe your relationships are struggling.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Feeling like you are not in control of your life? These experiences can get in the way of your job, your confidence and your ability to be present in daily life.

You might be thinking,

"Nobody knows what I'm going through."

Or have thoughts telling you that,

“You are just not good enough.”

You end up feeling lost and hopeless.

You deserve to live a full life and experience calm and confidence in who you are.

What's at stake if you don't take action? You become more overwhelmed, depressed, isolated and your experience of the beautiful things in life continue to diminish.

Things could get worse, or you could reach out and things could start getting better.

I can help.

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and like things are out of control. I have dedicated my life to helping people find hope and to experience healthy relationships with friends, family and with yourself.

Healing is possible.

Get the help that you need to move on from the difficult things that have happened to you.

I know how hard it can be to reach out and get started with a therapist. I want to make your next steps as easy as possible.

There is hope, things can start getting better today.

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